Savior Ketoprak

Ketoprak is marginalized. Invasion of modern culture and art successfully positioned the traditional art Ketoprak at the lowest culmination in the market appetite Indonesia's creative industries. Ketoprak can only survive in the periphery, both geographically, socially, and, economically.

As a result, Ketoprak accessible only in the periphery areas, such as rural communities north coast of Java (Pantura). Fans were segmented on the lower middle class, which Ketoprak seemed destined as the marginal performer.

The loyalty of the proletariat against Ketoprak also be the last defense for the existence of this traditional art. Substantiality of this relation can be maintained well, because they enter Ketoprak into the spiritualism realm. Ketoprak existence becomes part of the customary ritual blessing and protection petition to God.

Each region has different terms in the customary ritual called. Pantura society, especially in Rembang, called Sedekah Bumi (Earth Alms) and Sedekah Laut (Sea Alms). Celebrations Earth and Sea Alms is mandatory once a year.

The majority of the hundreds of hamlets (villages) in Rembang celebrate the Earth and Sea Alms by enacting Ketoprak . So naturally, when almost every week, even every day people can watch the Ketoprak artists showing action.

Ketoprak artist moving from hamlet (village) one to the other hamlet (village) to bring the beauty of Ketoprak values to the community. They always follow the movement of current staging demand.

There are many groups that frequently perform in Rembang. According to the writer's observation for several months, the group comes from Rembang and Pati, example Wahyu Manggolo, Songgo Budoyo, and Kridho Carito.

They started matinee at 12.30-16.30 WIB, and continued performing tonight at 20.30-03.00 WIB. But take your time using a high standard of judging their performance. Their performance art still have not been up like its heyday. Starting from the stage, lighting, gamelan, make up, until the story line was all simple.

Absence of Tobong or a representative venue to drawback maximizing their actions. Even Songgo Budoyo (ketoprak group) gig at the Jeruk village, would appear under the shade of large trees. Open to the sky, playing gamelan musicians hoping it did not rain. Luckily the rain drove the trainer overcast, so the Ketoprak artists can expression calm until the play ended.

However, any simple Ketoprak group's performance, it still captivate people. The proof, spectators crowded to appreciate Wahyu Manggolo performance in Pulo Village. The crowd had a chance to make bad arena across the street Ketoprak show it.

When observed, reality the relationships of indigenous rituals and Ketoprak that can be momentum for the Ketoprak revival. Means recognized or not, traditional rituals proved to play a major role in saving or at least give a fresh breath for Ketoprak order to live longer.

The fact must be understood by the Ketoprak artists, lovers community, and the Government. Ketoprak artists should seize opportunities that are siding with them. No matter how large, traditional ritual celebrations has been given the power or energy for survival. They should be able to maximize the energy to improve themselves in order to appear more creative and innovative, performance art and good business management.

Not to obscure the ideal values of the message, the Ketoprak artist must be able to synergize modern pop and traditional art to appearance up date. Many elements of modern pop art can be to beautify Ketoprak packaging.

Moreover, the accumulation Ketoprak from various branches of art, like dance, music, song, comedy, and theater. All of these alloys can be accepted by the public appetite is now so long as the image presented in a mixture of entertainment to fit the aesthetic.

Skill mix of art has always been a challenge for Ketoprak artists present and future. Who are responsive, they will succeed in penetrating back into the vortex of creative industries that is now being sounded.

Ketoprak rescue also requires community support. In this context, Rembang public attitudes deserves appreciation. They were on the right track, as the ritual celebration of Earth and Sea Alms choose Ketoprak performed compared to other entertainment performances.

Attitudes and actions of this Rembang community must be continued. If you need custom figures uniting the village's commitment to always display the Ketoprak as entertainment in every customary ritual Earth and Sea Alms. Such commitments would have to maintain the existence Ketoprak anytime.

It is not easy to realize that commitment. Surely many obstacles. In addition to the belief of reasons, accidents can come from things that are technical, especially those related to funding. Each country does have limited financial capabilities. Currently it takes about Rp10 million to stage Ketoprak.

That funding constraints can be overcome by mutual cooperation. Villagers can raise funds by way of contributions and seeking sponsors. Seeing the number of Ketoprak spectators, there must be companies that want to play Ketoprak. This solution is proven by the Pandean villagers when performing Kridho Carito Ketoprak recently.

Rembang District Government support is of course very needed. Governments must continue to provide guidance and empowerment of the Ketoprak artists. This guidance is important for the Ketoprak artists regeneration. In addition, governments need to increase the theater facilities, which could spur the development of traditional arts, Ketoprak especially.

The government also must make a breakthrough in the form of events that reverberate large. Celebration of traditional rituals, such as Syawalan or Lebaran Ketupat celebration may be event staging a variety of traditional arts, including Ketoprak.

Finally, exposure is only uncover a case about the role of traditional rituals that can maintain the existence of traditional arts Ketoprak. Customary ritual celebration in other areas would also be to save the other traditional arts, such as the Wayang Kulit and Ludruk. Provided, local communities committed to enter the traditional arts to be part of the customary ritual celebration area. Can? (Awi Wiyono, Citizen Journalist)

Optimalisasi Perpustakaan Digital

Perpustakaan digital menjadi salah satu icon modernitas. Daerah yang giat membangun citra modern, pasti membuat perpustakaan digital. Mereka menyulap perpustakaan kovensional menjadi perpustakaan yang menggunakan komputer, internet, intranet, dan teknologi informasi lainnya, untuk menjalankan menajemen pelayanan, pencarian, penciptaan, dan penyimpanan data-data informasi dan pengetahuan.

Salah satu daerah yang bergairah membangun citra modern adalah Kabupaten Rembang. Termotivasi memiliki kota metropolis, pemerintah daerah penghasil garam ini melengkapi Perpustakaan Umum Daerah dengan perpustakaan digital (digital library). Hebatnya, digitalisasi perpustakaan ini menjadi yang pertama di Jawa Tengah, sehingga sering menjadi rujukan daerah lain untuk menirunya.

Perpustakaan Digital Rembang diresmikan pada Agustus 2008. Perpustakaan ini menggunakan teknologi Ganesha Digital Library (GDL) dari Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), serta mengoleksi 7.450 data digital. Koleksi ini terdiri dari 500 buku non free, 500 buku free, 1000 makalah akademik, 5000 tutorial bebas, 250 peraturan perundang-undangan, 100 jurnal, dan 100 majalah. Untuk mengakses data-data digital ini, disediakan 12 komputer yang terjalin dengan jaringan internet.

Ada 10 pegawai yang bertugas di perpustakaan yang berlokasi di Kompleks Taman Rekreasi Pantai Kartini ini. Seorang petugas cukup mumpuni dalam pengoperasian dan perawatan jaringan komputer dan internet. Sayang, tidak seorang pun dari mereka yang berlatarbelakang pustakawan.

Perpustakaan digital Rembang melayani pengunjung umum secara gratis mulai dari jam 7.30-16.00 WIB. Ada rencana, pengelola akan memperpanjang waktu pelayanan hingga malam hari.


Membuat perpustakaan digital sebenarnya wajar saja di era sekarang. Selain mudah, biayanya murah. Seorang petugas Perpustakaan Digital Rembang mengakui, digitalisasi perpustakaan tidak membutuhkan dana besar.

Pakar Teknologi Informasi (Information technology/IT) Onno W. Purbo pernah memaparkan keefisienan perpustakaan digital untuk me-manage informasi dan pengetahuan. Melalui buku berjudul Filosofi Naif Kehidupan Dunia Cyber Onno menjelaskan, perpustakaan digital secara sederhana terdiri dari sebuah server Web yang menjalankan aplikasi untuk memanajemeni dokumen. Program server Web yang banyak digunakan adalah Apache yang merupakan public domain yang dapat diperoleh secara gratis di Internet.

Untuk menjalankan manajemen dokumen/buku elektronik dibutuhkan program basis data, biasanya menggunakan MySQL yang bisa diperoleh gratis dari Internet. Bagi pengguna Linux baik Apache maupun MySQL, biasanya sudah tersedia secara gratis di CD distribusi Linux.

Semua program gratisan itu kemudian dipadu dengan program untuk berinteraksi antara pengguna, pustakawan, mesin Web, dan basis data. Salah satu jenis program ini adalah GDL yang dikembangkan oleh Knowledge Management Research Group (KMRG) di ITB

Program GDL bisa untuk membangun perpustakaan digital dan jaringan antar perpustakaan untuk membentuk knowledge infrastructure. GDL ini pun dilepas gratis ke public domain, sehingga setiap orang dapat meng-copy program dan source code-nya.


Namun dalam prakteknya ternyata tidak mudah dan murah. Operasionalisasi perpustakaan digital sering terhambat karena kekurangan dana. Sebagai contoh kasus, pelaksanaan Perpustakaan Digital Rembang. Selain belum ada pengelola yang profesional, kekurangan dana operasional masih menjadi alasan utama buruknya pelayanan perpustakaan digital ini.

Selama beberapa bulan mengamati pelayanan Perpustakaan Digital Rembang, saya belum merasakan budaya virtual mendominasi sistem pelayanan. Sistem kerja perpustakaan konvensional masih menjiwa dalam aktivitas keseharian perpustakaan digital ini.

Minimnya budaya virtual ini berkorelasi erat dengan belum optimalnya digitalisasi perpustakaan. Hampir setiap hari terjadi gangguan teknis. Jaringan komputer dan internet tidak berjalan baik. Selain lambat, jaringan internet sering ngadat. Pernah dalam beberapa bulan jaringan internet terputus karena ada perangkat vital yang rusak.

Ironisnya, petugas teknis tidak bisa segera memperbaiki karena tidak ada anggaran, meski dana yang dibutuhkan kecil. Gangguan teknis ini mengakibatkan ketidaknyamanan pengguna perpustakaan digital. Mereka tidak bisa cepat mengakses data-data digital yang dibutuhkan.

Kekecewaan ini memicu penurunan jumlah pengunjung perpustakaan. Awalnya kehadiran perpustakaan digital berhasil memikat masyarakat untuk berkunjung ke perpustakaan. Sejak jaringan internet sering terganggu, jumlah pengunjung menurun drastis. Menurut data di buku tamu, jumlah pengunjung tinggal sekitar 50 orang setiap hari. Minimnya jumlah pengunjung perpustakaan ini bisa menjadi masalah serius karena membahayakan program mencerdaskan bangsa.

Untuk itu, pemerintah setempat harus segera melakukan optimalisasi fungsi perpustakaan digital. Caranya dengan meningkatkan alokasi dana rutin sehingga cukup untuk operasionalisasi perpustakaan digital selama setahun.

Selain itu, segera melakukan rekruitmen pustakawan untuk membenahi manajemen perpustakaan, sehingga perpustakaan digital kembali berfungsi ideal, yakni untuk mencerdaskan masyarakat, bukan sekedar untuk asesoris keindahan kota. (Awi Wiyono, Pecinta Perpustakaan, Pegiat Citizen Journalism.)

Waiting Lasem Batik Museum

Rembang District government will build a museum of batik in Lasem. Funds budgeted for the realization of the batik museum Rp2billion and targeted to be operational next year (2010).

The museum will collect ancient objects related to the history of Lasem Batik. The number of evidence and historical records in Lasem Batik, because the city district is located 12 Km east of the Rembang city, always known as a Pesisiran Batik industrial center.

The presence of appropriate Lasem Batik Museum awaited, because existence will complement the batik museum which has been established, such as the Pekalongan Batik Museum, Danarhadi Batik Museum, Solo, and Joglo Cipto Wening Batik Museum, Yogyakarta.

Community will gain much benefit from the existence of Lasem Batik Museum. At least people got one more institution that has many functions, such as documentation centers, scientific research, distribution of knowledge, enjoyment of works of art, culture introductions among regions and nations, attractions, culture and wildlife.

But the problem, people are less interested in visiting the museum. Image slums museum became one of the causes. According to archaeologist from the University of Gajah Mada (UGM) David Aris Tanudirjo, since the majority of regional autonomy from the museum's 286 provincial and district / city lots that are not maintained. Naturally, if people are reluctant to visit this cultural institution.

Modern Gallery

The question is, whether the Lasem Batik Museum same fate later became part of the museums are slums? I hope not. For that, the Lasem Batik Museum must be present in the format art gallery or modern art museum.

Lasem Batik Museum course must meet many requirements to be a gallery or modern art museum. Referring to the opinion of former Director General of Culture Edi Sedyawati, the basis for a modern art museum is a large collection of antiques of quality. This means, Lasem Batik Museum must have a large collection of ancient batik high artistic value.

For example, Danarhadi Batik Museum collects more than 10,000 high-quality ancient batik. This museum can take turns showing off thousands of antique batik collection, so that people do not get bored visit. Well, how about a collection of antique batik will be exhibited at the Lasem Batik Museum? Expected to exceed Danarhadi Museum collection.

Modernity art museum is identical to the effectiveness of governance. Referring Museologi expert opinion from the University of Indonesia (UI), Prof.. Dr. Magetsati Nurhadi, modern museum must be managed by people who are reliable in terms of preservation.

That is, the manager of the Lasem Batik Museum must have the competence and administrative management skills so they can work effectively in the physical maintenance and administration of the various collections of antiquities it.

Support the administrative order, the Lasem Batik Museum need to use information technology systems and installing modern equipment, such as hidden cameras (CCTV) and microradio to secure the collection of batik. This is important because these days many cases of theft of ancient objects valuable museum collections.

Lasem Batik Museum also need to appear in a virtual museum format (cyber museum). This step is to address the public daily phenomenon that began to familiar with the global information technology and internet media.

Director of Art House Semarang Tubagus P Svarajat once said, is a virtual museum with a solution futurisik perspective. Virtual museum if designed attractive, interactive, with application interfaces is comfortable, can bring in visitors from anywhere, because the range of distance and time no longer an obstacle.

However, the Lasem Batik Museum still have to appear conventional. All these elements of modernity, the museum should remain packaged in the elegant architecture of the building that stood at strategic locations, so that people like and easy to access.

The most important factor, modernity museums should be supported by human resources (HR) quality. Lasem Batik Museum Manager must have the skills and academic abilities. They must be able to make work programs are easy to attract qualified many visitors.

To improve the quality of prospective managers Lasem Batik Museum, now they should be diligently honed skills by learning museologi in related institutions and museums have developed batik.

It's good they made study visits to the Pekalongan Batik Museum and the Danarhadi Batik Museum. Aim to get the right practical experience to develop the Lasem Batik Museum.

Not mean ignore the regional character, Batik Lasem Museum managers should adopt a management paradigm Pekalongan Batik Museum and Danarhadi Batik Museum. Both are worthy of batik museum guides, because they were considered successful a museum batik able to answer the challenges of the times.

Involve Public

Making the Modern Lasem Batik Museum require substantial funds. Factors funds often make a loss due to Rembang regency budget constraints. For that, the Government needs to open up with a way to involve the public in the management of Lasem Batik Museum.

The government needs to implement a participatory management paradigm or system consortium. This means that the government involve the community, particularly among investors, the management of Lasem Batik Museum. Government and private sector collaboration will be more effective to develop Lasem Batik Museum.

The presence of Lasem Batik Museum facilitate investors get funds that facilitate the implementation of all programs work. Finally, the museum management work not only deals with the collecting function ancient objects, but also synergize the function of education, research, tourism, entertainment, and business, making it easier for the public's attention.(Awi Wiyono, Suara Merdeka, August 27,2009)